Top 6 best coding background music

This is a list of music to listen to while coding. I listen to music all day so I own a Spotify Premium account. This way I do not have to put up with annoying advertisements and I have access to premium audio streaming quality. Tracks that cannot be found on Spotify are usually available on Youtube. But Spotify has an advantage over YouTube concerning the audio streaming quality. While some people might enjoy listening to vocal music while coding, I can focus a lot better with instrumental music. There are many movies and games that have GREAT soundtracks and listening to game soundtracks gives you the idea of playing, or at least reliving, that game while working.

Following is a list of my favorite Spotify playlists and youtube videos.

1. Skyrim OST

Style: peaceful

2. Anno 1404, 1701, 2070, 2205

Style: peaceful, motivating

3. Viva Pinata OST

Style: peaceful, relaxing

4. Ori and the Blind Fores OST

Style: peaceful

4. Celtic music

Style: motivating, upbeat, relaxing, inspiring

Some great artists are:

  • Adrian Von Ziegler
  • David Arkenstone
  • Brunuhville
  • Peter Gundry

5. The Sims 3 Soundtrack

Style: motivating

6. EPIC music

Style: motivating, great if working against a deadline

Some great artists are:

  • Thomas Bergerson & Two Steps From Hell
  • Steve Jablonsky (Who also did the Sims 3 soundtrack)
  • Audiomachine
  • Twisted Jukebox
  • Xtortion Audio
  • Songs to Your Eyes
  • Really Slow Motion
  • Epic Score
  • .. Many more

Great listens on Youtube are the cinematic epic videos of EpicMusicVn.