5 New Years Resolutions For 2022

Being better tomorrow than you were yesterday is not option. If you want to be of any real value of the people around you and of society in general, you consciously learn every day. Better even, you need to be able to learn, unlearn and relearn in order to change your habits for the better.

As our world changes now more than ever, our lives unavoidable change as well. So in order to keep coping with that, embracing change is key.

Plans are made to change, but better to at least be aware of where your life is going and what your strategy for life is, than being stuck in a brainless social media addiction (or any other addiction for that matter) and binge watching Netflix or gaming without an end. There is a time for everything for sure, but being mindful about how you spend your time (and consequentially your thoughts), is sooo important for your well being.

Just for your inspiration, here are my new years resolutions, AKA my plan of life for 2022.

1. RUN

You can take that literally. I started training to run 5km in the summer of 2021 and now I’m able to run 5.5km already (and counting). I think its a good habit to go for a run at least once a week.


In 2021 I’ve read The Obstacle Is The Way, The Personal MBA and 5 novels by Herman Brusselmans. I think this is a good balance between self improvement books to get smarter and funny novels to relax. After all, both provide the main benefits of reading, which are keeping your brain on edge and honing your language skills.


My beautiful and smart wife and I are having a baby this year. I want to have a healthy balance between life and work. Also, our parents will become grand parents and our siblings uncles and aunts. I want to be the family member and partner that I would like to have around myself, while still being able to make an impact professionally. It will be hard, but I will manage.


It’s easy to forget to have fun when starting a business, getting out of another business, renovating your home, having a baby, being caught up in investments so you need to count the money every month to get there, having regular migraines, not being able to see some people as much as you’d like because of corona and having a lot of professional responsibilities.

Still I manage! And I will even more this year. I love playing the piano, so let’s do more of that. I love gaming, so I’ll do that more to relax and be amazed by the beautiful art, stories, music, graphics and gameplay of the games I love.


I love writing as much as I love reading. Last year I took a course in Creative Writing to get a better foundation before I start to write my novels. My goal is to buy a small house near a lake in a forest and go there to relax and find inspiration and to write my stories there. I have a lot of them in my head already, so I’ll continue to write to hone my skills.

So that about sums it up. I’ve printed these 5 words out and hung them on the wall at home as an affirmation. There are enough people with great ideas but past the potential is the actual impact. Get your ass up and start doing what you love! Live is short, you know this! Every day you’ve not worked on your goals, even if it’s a smal step that only takes 1 minute, you have wasted a day. Even if you don’t feel like it sometimes, after you take an action your flame starts to burn brighter again. Inaction leads to more inaction. Get out of bed when your alarm goes of and own the day, every day! YOU ARE A BADASS!!