5 Reasons Why To Buy Second Hand

Whether we talk about clothes, furniture, a standing lamp or even a laptop, it’s always a good idea to first look into second hand or refurbished items. Here’s why. 1. It’s Cheap! You knew this. But the quality of many items is still amazing! A lot of clothes, especially children or baby clothes, even have […]

The Most EPIC Spotify Playlist EVER

Whether you’re working, studying, gaming, running, fitnessing or just need a mood boost, listen to this AWESOME Spotify playlist! 🙂

3 Lessen Na 3 Jaar Ondernemen

Als ondernemer startte ik in bijberoep. Toen zonder flauw benul van welke rollercoasterrit de komende jaren zouden gaan worden. Dat was in 2015. Dát was het zeker en vast: een rollercoaster. Het waren tijden van intense euforie en periodes van – voor mij – ongeziene druk. Dat zijn het gelukkig nog steeds. Ik zou het […]

Linux Copy File But Faster

If you want to copy a file on Linux, it has the potency to be a pain in the ass. Long path and file names can take a long time to type, but more importantly, they can be error prone. That’s why this command is super usefl: cp /etc/nginx/sites-available/default{,.backup}

Linux ssh_config vs sshd_config

It’s simple. There are two config files in /etc/ssh/ : ssh_config This one is for the outgoing connections, ie the ssh client sshd_config This one is for the incoming connections, ie the ssh listening daemon

Linux – Task Management

When a task is blocking your shell for some time, like for example unzipping a large archive, this can be annoying. Up to now, I’ve always opened a second and a third terminal when I didn’t had access to the shell anymore. Enter Linux task management! When a job is running (for example ‘tar xvzf […]

Docker – Basic commands

Create new Docker container Start off with an existing image. For example ‘Ubuntu’ to start modifying. There are many others, find them here: https://hub.docker.com/ docker pull ubuntu Then find the ID of your downloaded image: docker images In the list, look for the IMAGE ID of your downloaded image. In my case, for Ubuntu, it’s d355ed3537e9. Now, […]

Linux – Process to background / foreground toggle

You started a process containing a web server for example. Your terminal will be blocked until you close the running script (ctrl+c), but opening a second terminal is not always an option. That’s when these commands are used: CTRL+Z –> to background # fg –> to foreground It certainly helped me a lot.

LInux – List all service statusses

Using the command “service –status-all” one has access to all available services and their status.