MongoDB – How to export and import data

Exporting a database This exports a database with all its collections and documents to a dump folder. All collections will be dumped in an equally named folder in the ./dump folder. Importing a database This imports a previously exported database with all its collections and documents.

Linux – Stop SSH From Timing Out

When managing a Linux server using SSH, default sshd settings automatically kill connections that stay open for too long without any activity. SSH connection timeouts are a great security measure but as this can be frustrating for system admins, here’s how to change this on the server side. To change this behavior, it is possible […]

Linux – Stop All Docker Containers

Managing a docker infrastructure with many containers can be tedious at times. Docker containers can be stopped like this: Using “docker ps” to see running containers, one can stop all containers one by one using the container name or id. This takes our valuable time away and since Linux is the best OS out there […]

Linux – Watch Command Output

Rather than repeating command constantly to refresh the output of it, you can use the watch command to instantly refresh the screen for changes.

3 Lessen Na 3 Jaar Ondernemen

Als ondernemer startte ik in bijberoep. Toen zonder flauw benul van welke rollercoasterrit de komende jaren zouden gaan worden. Dat was in 2015. Dát was het zeker en vast: een rollercoaster. Het waren tijden van intense euforie en periodes van – voor mij – ongeziene druk. Dat zijn het gelukkig nog steeds. Ik zou het […]

How To Write A Good Software Specification Document

In this article, I outline some basics about writing a solid SRS and present some best practice methods from my own personal experience.

5 Challenges of Doing Business in Fintech

With the WeGroup project, we have established a startup company in Ghent, Belgium. Our goal is to disrupt the insurance sector by using a peer to peer insurance model, combined with cutting edge technologies. Adding new tech to an old sector is by no means an easy task to do. Here are our creative solutions […]

Linux – Change Hostname The Easy Way

Instead of changing multiple files when modifying the server hostname, use this easy command instead:  hostnamectl set-hostname

Linux Copy File But Faster

If you want to copy a file on Linux, it has the potency to be a pain in the ass. Long path and file names can take a long time to type, but more importantly, they can be error prone. That’s why this command is super usefl: cp /etc/nginx/sites-available/default{,.backup}

Linux ssh_config vs sshd_config

It’s simple. There are two config files in /etc/ssh/ : ssh_config This one is for the outgoing connections, ie the ssh client sshd_config This one is for the incoming connections, ie the ssh listening daemon