How To Write A Good Software Specification Document

In this article, I outline some basics about writing a solid SRS and present some best practice methods from my own personal experience.

5 Challenges of Doing Business in Fintech

With the WeGroup project, we have established a startup company in Ghent, Belgium. Our goal is to disrupt the insurance sector by using a peer to peer insurance model, combined with cutting edge technologies. Adding new tech to an old sector is by no means an easy task to do. Here are our creative solutions […]

Linux – Change Hostname The Easy Way

Instead of changing multiple files when modifying the server hostname, use this easy command instead:  hostnamectl set-hostname

Linux Copy File But Faster

If you want to copy a file on Linux, it has the potency to be a pain in the ass. Long path and file names can take a long time to type, but more importantly, they can be error prone. That’s why this command is super usefl: cp /etc/nginx/sites-available/default{,.backup}

Linux ssh_config vs sshd_config

It’s simple. There are two config files in /etc/ssh/ : ssh_config This one is for the outgoing connections, ie the ssh client sshd_config This one is for the incoming connections, ie the ssh listening daemon

Linux – Task Management

When a task is blocking your shell for some time, like for example unzipping a large archive, this can be annoying. Up to now, I’ve always opened a second and a third terminal when I didn’t had access to the shell anymore. Enter Linux task management! When a job is running (for example ‘tar xvzf […]

Linux – Scan open server ports

To get a list of all ports (and the service they expose) of a server, install nmap: nmap (optional for example -p 80)  

Linux – Command History

We have all been there. You are searching for some long and complex command you manually entered 4 minutes ago, but despite you bashing the up key, you can’t seem to find it and are now having a bad day because of this. This is a trick I learned from a Linux veteran: CTRL+R This […]

Docker – Basic commands

Create new Docker container Start off with an existing image. For example ‘Ubuntu’ to start modifying. There are many others, find them here: docker pull ubuntu Then find the ID of your downloaded image: docker images In the list, look for the IMAGE ID of your downloaded image. In my case, for Ubuntu, it’s d355ed3537e9. Now, […]

Linux – Process to background / foreground toggle

You started a process containing a web server for example. Your terminal will be blocked until you close the running script (ctrl+c), but opening a second terminal is not always an option. That’s when these commands are used: CTRL+Z –> to background # fg –> to foreground It certainly helped me a lot.